All Kiuas teams are divided by the stage of their venture, the four stages, in order of maturity: paying users, users, prototype and validation. All teams have a validated concept and a solid team.
 teams that have PAYING  USERS

WeHost helps homeowners make money through short-term rentals, when their place is not in use.

We are looking to connect with more apartment owners in central Helsinki.

We make it easy to use universities open infrastructure to help with R&D in the chemical industry.

We need credibility among the chemical industry and the commercial laboratories.

Monochrome builds bridges between the brands and top 500 Finnish Instagram Influencers.

We are looking for a developer.
teams that have USERS

CatergingJoy helps users find and order catering services faster and easier than anywhere else!

We are looking for catering companies interested in getting the right fit of customers more easily. Check out who we're already working with at our site!

On a Mission to bring AI to radiation therapy imaging

We need connections to finance industry in Finland and EU is an easy to use escrow service and network of trust platform for internet flea markets to prevent scam

We are looking for connections to fintech, online flea market providers, and expertise on legal issues on fintech solutions in Europe and later in Asia
teams that are building or have a prototype

Xigrid is a smart climate technology for buildings. With AI and IoT, Xigrid improves energy consumption, enhances indoor environment, and reduces CO2 emissions

We need a highly skilled backend developer to join our tech team w/our HW and ML specialists.

The Next Generation of Mobile Multiplayer Gaming

We are looking for and work with growth-seeking high-level investors with strong commitment and a willingness to share the risk.

Open a map and see what's going on around you.

We need an iOS & Android developer.
 teams that are DOING VALIDATION

We gather young Finnish design on one web platform and sell it to the most design consuming customers in Finland and abroad.

We are looking for a web developer to build an app and a web store for our company.

Human-centered SAAS for companies that gives effective first steps to comply with the EU's upcoming (GDPR) data rights laws.

We need ins with companies who will help us test & validate our product.
Kiuas facilitates the creationdevelopment, and the transformation of high value business ideas into early stage startups.
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